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Parasite Cleanse

Cleanse Registration

Our FIRST Cleanse begins Tuesday, July 16th!

Use the form below to register for our next
Full Moon Parasite Cleanse!

**Before signing up, please read the FULL details of the cleanse,
ALL registration instructions and the FAQ found below.

Lead by: Brianne Calabria

Board-Certified Integrative Health Practitioner
Founder of Ohana Wellness Company

Could you benefit from a cleanse?

Do you have any of these symptoms?

​Chronic fatigue, restless sleep, insomnia
Bloating, intestinal gas, reflux, SIBO
Strong sugar and junk food cravings
Skin issues (rashes, hives, eczema, acne, etc)
Allergies, food sensitivities (especially dairy)
Hormone imbalances, infertility, PMS
Headaches, migraines, brain fog
Rectal itching, hemorrhoids, anal fissures
Alternating constipation, diarrhea
Night sweats (not menopausal), teeth grinding
Anxiety, irritability, mood swings, depression
Recurring infections (like EBV, HSV, Lyme, yeast infections, UTIs, BV, etc)

Image by Jonathan Borba

After Signing Up, Follow the 5 Steps Below To Complete Your Registration:


Create Your Free OHANA CellCore Account

This is a requirement for participation in our group cleanse. If you don't have one yet, click the button below to create your free account using our Patient Direct Code f5sm3NtA. This account will give you access to purchase the products that you'll be using during our full moon cleanse. If you already have a pre-existing Cellcore account, you will need to create a new one using our Patient Direct Code to join in our group cleanse!


Order Your Parasite Cleansing Supplements

After creating your OHANA CellCore account, the next step is to select your products to use during the cleanse. There are plenty of different options & combinations, depending on how deep you want to cleanse. In order to quality for the group cleanse, you will need to purchase at LEAST one anti-parasitic and one binder. Our favorite combination options are listed below.

Combo 1: Pick 1 anti-parasitic product (Para 1, 2, 3, or 4) plus the BioToxin Binder. For beginners or people who are generally sensitive to supplements, Para 1 tends to be gentle, yet effective and easily tolerated by most. For those looking for a liquid, Para 3 is a good option.

Combo 2: Cellcore's Para Kit, which comes with Para 1, 2, 3 and their BioToxin Binder. This is the best option for people who have done a cleanse before or those who want a deeper cleanse experience. Advanced cleansers can also add Para 4 into the mix for an even better effect.

**ATTENTION EXISTING CLIENTS: If you already have a CellCore customer account with us, you can join the cleanse by providing proof of a qualifying purchase (one of the above combos) that was made at least 60 days prior to the group cleanse kickoff date. 



Send Us Your Qualifying Purchase Receipt

After you've gotten your products, please email us your proof of purchase. If you've placed a qualifying order in the last 60 days, please forward that proof instead. After we have verified the purchase, you will be granted access to our private Cleanse Facebook Group through a welcome email!

Join Our Private Cleanse Facebook Group

Once you've filled out the registration form at the top of this page, check your email inbox for a confirmation of your registration. This welcome email will provide a checklist of the steps you need to gain access along with a link to our private Ohana Group Parasite Cleanse Facebook group. Simply request to join this group, and as soon as your proof of purchase has been verified, you will be given access! This community group is a safe place for you to ask your questions, support others, share "evidence" photos and more. We will use this group for a LIVE practitioner-guided Q&A to help you through your cleanse. Within this group, you'll have access to our Drainage Guide, Parasite Cleansing Guide and Parasite Identification Guide to boost your knowledge & education, so you have the most successful cleanse possible!


Start Opening Up Drainage Pathways ASAP

After completing the first 3 steps & joining the Facebook group, it's time to start preparing your body for the cleanse. It's VERY important to work on drainage pathways for at LEAST 2-4 weeks prior to cleansing so you don't have any die-off reactions. Preparation defines the cleanse. If you're new to this concept, check out our free Drainage Guide found within the Facebook group for information and helpful recommendations, working on bowel movements, liver, kidneys, bile flow, lymphatic drainage and more. Remember, if you're trying to flush toxins and parasites out of the body, and don't give them an exit strategy, you'll wind up feeling much worse. Cellcore's Jumpstart Kit is a great option for beginners and lasts 4 weeks!

Parasite Cleansing FAQs

Are there any prerequisites to doing a parasite cleanse? YES! It is imperative and extremely important to work on your drainage pathways before you cleanse. As I like to say "Preparation defines the cleanse". Ideally, you should be working on your bowel movements, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lymph, mitochondria, etc for at least 2-4 weeks before starting your cleanse. Even if you've done detox work in the past, if it's been a while since you addressed these areas specifically, I would suggest you start up again for at least a few weeks. If you need guidance in this department, a FREE Drainage Guide will be included in the private Facebook group. Think about trying to dump fluid through a clogged funnel. It's not going to work too well, and probably cause a big mess. It's super important to have your drainage pathways open so that pathogens can exit the body quickly! An easy way to do this is using Cellcore's Jumpstart Kit.

How long is the cleanse? The cleanse itself can last anywhere from 3 to 7 days, depending on your experience at cleansing or desire to get a deeper cleanseAll cleanses will be centered around the full moon, each month. This means if your cleanse lasts 3 days, the full moon would fall on the second day. During full moons, our melatonin drops and serotonin rises, causing parasitic activity to increase. This is the perfect time to hit them while they're out and about! No matter if you're a seasoned cleanser or a beginner, the community and coaches will help to guide you towards a successful full moon cleanse!

Can I get detox reactions from a parasite cleanse? Any time you are actively pulling things out of the body, or killing off overgrowths within the body, there is the possibility of having "Herxheimer" or detox reactions. These can look like headaches, nausea, fatigue, weakness, irritability or sadness, sleep problems, bloating, itchiness, etc. I'll say it again, "Preparation defines the cleanse". If your detox/drainage pathways are not open prior to cleansing, you have a higher chance of this happening. Our team will be there to coach you through your cleanse and keep any detox reactions to a bare minimum!

If I already have the required Cellcore products or a Cellcore account, can I just use those? Products purchased in the past OR through an already existing Cellcore account are NOT qualifying purchases to include you in the group cleanse. In order to qualify, you must create a Cellcore account using our Patient Direct Code f5sm3NtA. If you already have a pre-existing Cellcore account, it's a quick process to set up a new one with our code. For liability purposes, this is a strict policy and no exceptions will be granted, sorry y'all. 

Can I use other anti-parasitic products or protocols that are different from the Cellcore products in your cleanse? During our OHANA Parasite Cleanse, to keep everyone on the same page, we will be focusing on using only a few specific products, various different ways. We will also be providing education on the topic of parasites, so you can fully understand how to safely cleanse your body. The requirement for this cleanse is the valid purchase of Para 1, Para 2, Para 3 and/or Para 4 plus a BioToxin Binder using our Patient Direct Code f5sm3NtA.


Is there a meal plan or diet I have to stick to during the cleanse? Technically, no. Sticking to a very strict diet during a parasite cleanse is not completely necessary. But, it DOES help to cut back on certain things that can feed parasites (like sugar) or re-expose you to them (like sushi). For those who DO want nutritional guidelines, there will be suggestions and recommendations on this topic found within the Facebook group.

I don't have Facebook, can I still join the cleanse? Unfortunately, this group cleanse will be hosted through a private community Facebook group in order to keep everyone together. If you don't have a Facebook account for personal reasons, many people will choose to create a "fake" account with no pictures or personal information that they use only for the cleanse and accessing provided resources within the group. 


I'm pregnant or breastfeeding. Can I participate in the cleanse? If you are pregnant, this is a BIG no. We don't want to put any more stress on the body during this time, it's best to wait until after you've had the baby and your body has recovered. For breastfeeding mommas, this answer becomes a little more hazy. This is when we recommend asking your personal practitioner about making any changes in your health protocol. In our clinic, we do address parasites with some breastfeeding mommas, starting very slowly and working up to normal dosing. But each person is different, and it's a very individual decision!


I live outside the United States and shipping is too expensive. Can I still join the cleanse?  We do have a Global Dispensary option for clients living or working outside the United States. You can sign up for your free Amrita Global Dispensary account by using the Patient Code 9BQ8FY. This online dispensary is located in The Netherlands and shipping costs are minimal. They have a wide variety of Cellcore and many other practitioner-grade supplement brands for purchase. **If you live in the UK, sign up for your Amrita UK Dispensary account using the Patient Code 96QL1P.

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