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Hi, I'm Brianne. I'm a Certified Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer, traveling the world, trying to help people and change lives, one person at a time!


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Certified personal training sessions, lasting 60 minutes each, will guarantee you the results that you want. Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, injury rehab, general fitness or athletic development, we have you covered!

Local clients: In-home personal training packages are now available - all equipment needed is provided, and all programs are fully customized to YOU. Packages are offered at discounted prices for those looking to sign up for monthly programs.

Online clients: Virtual training is one of the best kept secrets of the fitness world! Using an easy video streaming app, we'll train together via computer in the comfort of your home for the duration of your 60 minute sessions. A comprehensive and inexpensive home workout kit will be delivered to your house, so you know you'll have everything you need!


You'll also have the option to have a custom workout program sent straight to your inbox, using whatever exercise equipment you have access to! All exercises will be linked to an online site showing you visually how to do each exercise, along with proper form and safety techniques.

Workplace wellness is a growing field among many corporations and group homes. Employers and caretakers with healthy employees and residents have a much easier time in the workplace. Why? Healthy employees don't get sick as often and need to miss work. Their memory improves, they are more alert, focused, energetic and in an overall better mood. This translates to less sick pay, and more efficient use of paid time from their workers. In a group home setting, healthy residents have more stable moods, are more lively and energetic, and with the proper nutrition, may even come off certain medications- a positive change for both the residents and their caretakers.

In the past, OHANA has worked with non-profit organizations like Collier Youth Services to develop 12-week Wellness Programs. The programs include various nutrition workshops and cooking demonstrations, a gym 'tour', yoga classes and exercise classes. Each employee/resident in the program have the option to meet privately with a nutrition coach & personal trainer to go over their health history and create a program specifically for their body and goals. At the end of the program, they meet again and go over progress and a plan for future goals. OHANA has been very successful with workplace wellness programs, always providing great results and outcomes for all participants. If you have any further questions, or want to discuss possible options for your workplace, feel free to email info@ohanawellness.com.

OHANA offers nutrition seminars which last 1 hour, and can be tailored to your organizations needs. They can be set up in a board room, lunch room, gym or yoga studio, classroom or any meeting space that suits your requirements.

Popular nutrition topics include: 

Immune boosting foods

Sugar Free Challenges

Weight Loss Challenges

Weight loss 101

General nutrition

10 keys to healthy living

The truth behind sugar

Relieving inflammation

Childhood nutrition

Senior 'Prime Time' nutrition

Nutrition for pre & post-natal

Exercising for beginners

Chronic disease management

A holistic approach to managing diabetes

Managing stress through diet & nutrition

Sports nutrition: enhancing performance through diet

Cooking demonstrations for a healthy lifestyle


...and many more! Prices for workshops depend on the amount of participants, the topic and the location. To further discuss ideas or to schedule your workshops, contact us today!

This is a 3 day juice detox sent straight to your inbox. This detox is NOT a 'get skinny quick' kind of detox. These 3 days will be a shock for your body, clearing out any toxins built up and making way for good nutrients. You'll get a clear guideline of what to eat everyday, including recipes, a grocery list, supplement suggestions and the best part- an epsom salt bath at the end of the day to help remove the toxins that are now being flushed through your bloodstream.

Do you have a bunch of healthy recipes that you love, but wish were just a little bit healthier? Look no further. All you have to do is send your recipes over to OHANA- we'll tweak them and substitute the bad ingredients for healthier ones, without compromising the flavor!

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Low-Carb Zucchini Enchiladas

April 28, 2019

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