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"The results I am seeing are unbelievable."

Because of Ohana Wellness I have been able to do what I thought was impossible - lose over 30 lbs after having 3 babies in 3 years and all within 6 months!!! I started with the nutrition plan and received all the tools and encouragement I could have asked for - from a meal plan and recipes to 3D scans and meal tracking - it was 5 star service and helped educate me on nutrition and taking care of myself and my family. I am now taking advantage of the personal training that is offered and am getting my butt kicked each time!! The workouts are catered to me and really challenge me to push myself. The results I am seeing are unbelievable and it’s all because of the support and encouragement of Ohana Wellness!!

- Ashley Reid, 35

"A top-notch personal trainer."

Brie is an awesome personal trainer with positive energy who makes the workouts a lot of fun! I mentioned beforehand about being a tennis player who wants to gain some muscle but also maintain my quickness, and she designed the workout towards that. I learned a lot from her, especially with stretching. In the past I would never stretch but will be doing it from now on. Brie came up with a bunch of great exercises. I loved it! She is a top-notch personal trainer. I definitely recommend her!!!

- Brian Yursha, 39

"I have lost 100 pounds and feel like I live a completely different life."

I found Ohana wellness through a local gym about a year ago. I had recently went through losing my father from cancer. I had gained 100 pounds in two years. I was pre-diabetic and could not get out of bed in the morning. It was really hard for me to regain a routine. I started working with Brianne from Ohana Wellness who changed my life completely. I learned how to revamp my whole lifestyle THE RIGHT WAY. I tried diet pills in the past and programs but it did not compare to the experience Ohana Wellness shared with me. I was able to learn about my body, what works for me and the proper nutrition counseling. I was able to get back to a workout routine and actually understand what I was working on my body. Now, a year later, I have lost 100 pounds and feel like I live a completely different life. It is truly a miracle I would highly recommend OHANA Wellness. They offer so much at such an affordable price!

- Brittani Ruggiero, 29

"Insightful and eager to help me succeed."

Brianne was supportive and helpful during my 3 month journey with her nutrition counseling program. Insightful and eager to help me succeed. 22 lbs down!

- Dawn Campagnola, 41

"I know I am getting stronger every week."

Time management and getting the gym is a struggle for me. Brie has been supportive in getting me to reprioritize my health. Also, I appreciate that she pushes and supports my goals. I know I am getting stronger every week. I would highly recommend Ohana Wellness and Brie to anyone at any level who wants to work on health, wellness, and strength!

- Molly Greenberg, 29

"I'm feeling like ME again!"

Have you ever heard of leaky gut syndrome? I hadn’t either until I met Brianne. But apparently I’ve been living with it for years now. Our first meeting, we sat down for over an hour, and we went over EVERYTHING about me in detail. Once we were done, she explained to me the possible root cause of each of my symptoms - and it all had to do with my gut health. Very patiently, she went over with me how to go about fixing it with the right nutrition. I liked her personality right off the bat, she was very easy to talk to and personable. I went with my gut, (no pun intended) and signed up for a nutrition program… and I’m so glad that I did. I've been working with Brianne for 6 months now. My leaky gut syndrome seems to be gone, and all the problems that came along with it (bloating, gas, constipation, headaches, fatigue, terrible immune system and sugar cravings) all disappeared as well! She took the time to explain to me exactly what was going on with my body, along with teaching me how certain foods can actually heal the syndrome. I started seeing changes almost immediately. I have lost over 40 pounds since we started, but the best part is feeling like I’m ME again!!! Finding Ohana has changed my life, and I’ve already told all my friends about Brianne. Hopefully you'll give it a try like I did- I know you won’t be disappointed!

- Sara Kaiser, 35

"After 3 months, I have lost 22 pounds."

I contacted Ohana Wellness a few months ago in hopes of finding a nutrition coach that would not only educate me, but keep me motivated throughout the program. I found this with Brianne. She took the time to really get to know me, and I never felt as though I was a ‘client’. She took her time with me and was extremely patient; we went over all the nutritional education that I needed in order to start my new lifestyle change. I never knew any of the things we talked about before starting my program! We met every week for the duration of my 3 month program, and would discuss how I was doing, feeling, and staying on top of tracking my meals to show her everyday. After 3 months, I have lost 22 pounds and over 5% body fat! Seeing the body scans from start to now is absolutely amazing! Brianne is wonderful, and now I understand why she calls her business Ohana Wellness- by the end of my program I definitely felt more like family than a client with her. I will be continuing my program with her monthly and can’t wait to continue to see results! Definitely recommend Ohana for any nutritional or exercise needs!!

- Bethany Henderson, 54

"She is kind, but also tough when it counts."

I needed a personal trainer, so I wandered into a local gym in Asbury Park and was lucky enough to meet Brianne. She gave me a free assessment on the spot, and we discussed a lot of medical and health history information. I signed up for a month of 3x weekly sessions with her, and within the first month I am already down 10 pounds! She is kind, but also tough when it counts… she keeps me motivated when I need it the most, and I will definitely be continuing our sessions together.

- Richard Irving, 41

"So many recipes that are easy to follow."

Brie is very knowledgeable and can offer a great fitness/overall health experience! Her yoga fit class offers a new way to exercise while working on your balance and yoga. She has so many recipes that are easy to follow and affordable. Plus her blog is very easy to navigate and can answer any questions that you have!

- Jeneatte Torretta, 23

"Educated and down to earth."

Educated and down to earth. didn't try to up sell me anything like a my former personal trainer. Pleasantly surprised and I would recommend

- William Hader, 45

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