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Meet Brie Calabria

Natural Health Specialist

My true passion in life is helping people keep their bodies healthy: by changing their lifestyle and using food & exercise as a preventative medicine. I'm a certified personal trainer, health & nutrition coach, functional movement specialist, and natural health specialist.

I've started this business to give people the opportunity to improve the overall quality of their lives, by getting to the root of their health problems ​, instead of just treating the symptoms. 

I create fully customized health programs for my clients, providing all the education and resources necessary for them to succeed. We'll work in accordance with your physicians, but use a more natural healing approach.

I'll give you all the support and accountability needed to meet your health goals, and the motivation to help you when you need it most. At Ohana, all my clients are treated like family, and changing lives is an everyday goal.


Get With the Program

It can help with


Help to relieve gas, bloating, indigestion, reflux, constipation and more- all with a few lifestyle changes.


By changing your diet and giving your body the foods it needs, you'll see improvements in sleep, energy and stamina.

Weight Loss

Diets never work for the long run, but a gradual lifestyle change does. You'll start eating better and gain the education to know what your body needs. From there, weight loss and a better quality of life is just a side effect.

Women's Health

Regulate your cycle, balance your hormones and minimize monthly menstrual symptoms.


Built up toxins wreak havoc on your physical well-being; flushing them out makes room for the good nutrients your body needs.


Resetting your hormones and stabilizing your blood sugar levels can go a long way when it comes to regulating your mood. You'll be surprised at the changes food can make.


Real people, real results.

"This nutrition program is amazing! It has completely changed my eating and lifestyle habits and Brianne is great to work with. She really caters to you personally and what you aim to change. It is also very affordable!"

— Maggie Moriarty, 25



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Virtual Programs available across the U.S.A.

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