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Environmental Toxins

Test for glyphosate, pesticides, herbicides, phthalates, parabens, PFAS, BPA, VOCs, xylenes, exhaust fumes, and MUCH more with a single urine sample. This test uncovers a lot of hidden toxicities that cause illness.

Heavy Metals

A comprehensive lab including toxic heavy metals and radioactive elements. Test for mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, uranium, cesium and more. These can be a root cause of recurring infections in the body.

Mold (Mycotoxins)

With over 30 mycotoxins tested, we can see the severity of mold colonization in the body, giving us a valuable insight to past or current mold exposures. One of the most common root causes to chronic dis-ease.

Gut/Pathogen Testing

Through urine or stool, check your levels of bacteria, fungus, yeast, parasites, mold, viruses in the gut. Test for food sensitivities, neurotransmitter levels, mitochondrial health, leaky gut, nutrient absorption + more!

Hormone Testing

With either saliva or urine, we can test hormone levels within the body. Check your estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA and cortisol patterns throughout the day. This allows us to see any hormonal imbalances.

Vitamin/Mineral Testing

Through urine or hair, we can test all of your vitamins + minerals, like iron, calcium, sodium, zinc,  potassium, selenium, magnesium, copper and more. Genetic testing allows us to see any mutations interfering with absorption.


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