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Mardi Gras Potatoes

Try this purple sweet potato chickpea recipe for a delicious nutrient packed side dish!


-4-6 purple sweet potatoes

-1 can organic chickpeas

Dressing Ingredients:

-1 clove garlic

-1 tbsp fresh ginger

-3 tbsp fresh thyme leaves

-juice of 1 lime

-2 tbsp ghee or organic butter

-1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

-2 tbsp honey

-1 tbsp ground cinnamon

-2 tbsp ground nutmeg

-1/4 cup water (adjust as needed to achieve desired texture)

-Himalayan pink salt and pepper to taste


1. Bake potatoes for one hour at 425F

2. While baking, combine ingredients for dressing in a food processor, then use about 2 tablespoons to drizzle over chickpeas and coat evenly

3. With about 15 minutes left, add chickpeas on a baking sheet to the oven

4. Remove potatoes and chickpeas from the oven when the time is up, let cool

5. Open up potatoes, then add some chickpeas and more dressing to the insides

*Alternatively, if you enjoy cubed potatoes more, then chop your sweet potatoes and boil for about 5 minutes, remove from water, toss with dressing (exclude the 1/4 cup of water), add chickpeas and chopped onions, bake for 40 minutes at 400F, stirring frequently.

Enjoy! 💜

With love,


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